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Now Book your Dubai visa from Work On Time Documents Clearing Services, one of the best providers of visa service in Dubai.

UAE has proved itself much time for being one of the most popular destinations for people. Be it with the purpose of the business or as a tourist, they love coming to this place and backed the lucrative visa process.


Visa is a legal entry granted to a person in a particular country under certain terms and conditions. People can stay and leave from the country based on the conditions on which his visa is been granted. We offer a variety of visa service in Dubai for the individual and corporates.

Commercial Trade License

If you are willing to work in Dubai then it is mandatory that you own a work visa or an employment visa. The work visa can only be obtained in Dubai if you have a legitimate job offer from the Dubai based company.

Industrial Trade License

The investor visa is valid for three years and it only was given to the people who have plans of setting up their own business or have the plans of investing in Dubai or other parts of the UAE.

Family Visa

The family visa symbolizes the permanent residence of the UAE and the advantage of this visa is you can obtain a visa for your immediate family numbers. Family Visa is valid for three years after which you can renew it as many times you wish.

Mission Visa

Mission Visa will be granted for 90 days which allows the foreigners to come to Dubai and work for a short period of time. You can renew it once the 90 days period is over.

Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa is used by the people who visit the country for the purpose of tourism. Tourist Visa is valid for 58 days.

Maid Visa

It is necessary that in order to get the maid visa it is necessary to have a residence visa. It is obtained in two steps, initially, you apply for the employment visa and once it is done then you need to apply for the UAE residence visa for the maid.